0% – 100%

People often say you should introduce change gradually, but that’s not always possible, or desirable, in a school. Before we began working with Jana Uddhar, if a teacher was absent, their class simply went without a teacher. As a result, each week, dozens of lessons went untaught. In fact these lessons were known as ‘leisure … Continue reading 0% – 100%


I don’t think children in nursery, or Class 1 or even Class 4 should spend the whole day just studying academic subjects – an endless round of maths, science, English and Nepali. So one of the first things we did was to introduce playtime – once a day the students in Class 1 – 4 … Continue reading Playtime

Landslides and water supply

This is what we have to do to re-connect our school’s water supply, when the water pipe (which is fed by a mountain stream) is swept away by a landslide. Update: the fix worked for a day and then broke again.

Phone home

When I asked our teachers if they had ever phoned a parent or guardian to congratulate them on their child’s work or behaviour, they all said, ‘no’. So during our staff meeting I gave each teacher a phone number of a student who had 100% attendance and asked them to call home and congratulate them. … Continue reading Phone home

Home Visits

Just to give you a snapshot of some of our students. Yasodha and Manisha are sisters who attend JU. They have been attending a little irregularly recently, so three of us visited their home yesterday to talk to their mother. I say ‘home’ but it’s just a tin shack – see pics (the third photo … Continue reading Home Visits