Home Visits

Just to give you a snapshot of some of our students. Yasodha and Manisha are sisters who attend JU. They have been attending a little irregularly recently, so three of us visited their home yesterday to talk to their mother. I say ‘home’ but it’s just a tin shack – see pics (the third photo is of a different girl, who also goes to our school). They both carry milk from their buffalo to Kapan every morning before school, which takes 2-3hours, and may be the reason why Manisha collapsed unconscious in school a couple of weeks ago.

After our visit they were both in school today and doing well. Yasodha performed a verse of English poetry at our inauguration event recently – you can see a short film of the kids’ performances here. Yasodha is at 0.34mins: https://vimeo.com/135972964 Password: JanaUddhar

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