Collaborative Schools Network adopts and manages existing public (government funded) schools in Nepal and transforms the quality of education they provide to some of the country’s poorest children.

Our model is similar to charter schools in the US – schools that are publicly funded and privately managed – but it is innovative and unique in Nepal.

Collaborative Schools Network currently manages four schools. Since these schools are already funded by the government, costs are low and we can leverage these existing funds to have far greater impact.


We take on the entire management of our schools, and appoint two ‘School Leaders’ to each school. Schools Leaders teach, coach the government teachers and lead the school improvement process.

Our school improvement model focuses on improving the quality of teaching, management, parent relations and infrastructure.

In practice, these are some of the steps we take to improve our schools:

Our aim is not just to improve a few schools, but to transform the public education sector in Nepal, by proving that public schools can be successful with the right support.

Our model achieves systemic and scalable change because we work within the existing education system, alongside government and at a cost that is sustainable.


We are outraged by the chronic failure of public education in Nepal, and are driven by a simple motto:

We put students first.