Our 6 priorities

These are our current 6 priorities as an organisation:

Scale up:

We’re having a great impact in the lives of the children in our schools, and so we want to reach more schools and more children. We’re very ambitious, but too many organisations try to grow too quickly. We want to get our foundations in place first.

Registering Collaborative Schools:

We are a few days away from registering Collaborative Schools as a not-for-profit company in Nepal.


We’ve had some success in raising funds, including two successful crowd-funding campaigns, support from the Franks Family Foundation and large in-kind donations following the earthquake, but this is a priority if we are to grow.


As we grow, we need good people to grow with us. Fortunately, we can recruit from the excellent young teachers coming out of their two year fellowship with Teach for Nepal.

Curriculum development:

We’ve realised that our growth will always be limited by our curriculum. Once we have developed a great curriculum, we can roll that out across all our schools, and scale up very quickly.

Networks and relationships:

Networks and relationships make all the difference in Nepal, so for example we have recently been visiting some of the leading schools in Kathmandu to learn how they work and how we can work with them. We are also reaching out to other organisations around the world doing similar work through the Global Schools Forum.