CSN collects rigorous and regular data on our impact in three areas:

    • student enrolment
    • student attendance
    • student learning

Student enrolment has increased by 225%. The number of students in most public schools is falling drastically, as parents who can afford it prefer to send their children to private schools. However, we are reversing that trend in CSN schools, proving the public schools can be successful.

Student attendance in CSN schools is over 90%. This is 10% more than the national average for primary schools. This means students in our schools spend over half a day more each week in school than students in other schools.

Student learning is improving rapidly. Our rigorous assessments are done by independent assessors using the internationally recognised Early Grade Reading and Maths Assessment. In maths, our Class 1 students’ scores improved by 57% (2018 – 2019), and Class 2 students’ scores improved by 145% (2018 – 2019). Our students are also achieving far higher than students in other local, comparable public schools: in maths our students’ scores are 12% higher in Class 2 and 14% higher in Class 3.