Towards a pro-female school

Jana Uddhar was an anti-female school. The female teachers, who almost all teach at primary level were utterly marginalised – they rarely spoke in meetings, and no one took an interest in their teaching or the primary curriculum. The female students shared one disgusting toilet, and there was no provision for menstruation. Girls would just go (or stay) home during their period.

Since our partnership with the school, we are trying to make Jana Uddhar a pro-female school. I now meet with the primary teachers to discuss their concerns and needs. The female teachers now all take a turns at leading the school assembly, and I am trying to encourage them to say more in our staff meetings. We have re-built the toilets and bought a stock of sanitary towels. The toilets now have a bin for the girls to dispose of their sanitary towels, and our female teachers have led an awareness session about menstruation with our girls.

There is much, much more still to do, but we have taken some steps in the right direction.

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