Exam results – a great leap forward!

Impact Report Jana Uddhar 1st Term

The percentage of students in Class 1 – 5 passing subjects in the 1st term exams has increased by 40.8%, compared to last year.

And the percentage of students in Class 6 – 10 passing subjects in the 1st term exams has increased by 33.3%, compared to last year.

15 students in Class 10 have passed 6 or more subjects, compared to just four last year.

And 81 out of 88 classes have got better results this year, than last.

Here’s the detailed breakdown of results: Jana Uddhar 1st Term Exam Results 2071-2

Results 1

Results 2


  • The pass rate for Class 1 – 7 is 40%, and for Class 8 – 10 it is 32%. This is ridiculously low, but it is the national standard.
  • Obviously progress can be measured by comparing one age group across different years, say Class 10 in 2071 with Class 10 in 2072. Or you can compare Class 9 in 2071 with Class 10 in 2072 i.e. follow the same group of students as they go up the school. I have chosen the former, but if you look at the detailed breakdown above, you can also easily compare how each age group is progressing, and the results are equally positive.
  • Although I’ve used pass rates as the point of comparison, we are trying to move away from the pass/fail approach towards a grade based approach. We have done this for the exam marksheets, which we present to parents/guardians.
  • The number of students in Class 1 – 4 are very low, so a small change in student progress can make a big difference to the percentage of students passing.

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