What we achieved, with your donations, one year on.

UPDATE: Thank you! We achieved our fund-raising target, and more!

One year after we adopted our first government school, and survived the massive earthquakes that struck Nepal, we’ve achieved record-breaking exam results and a 43% increase in students.

We couldn’t have achieved it without your support.

If you would like to continue to support our students, we are currently raising money to pay for our new maths teacher, Rabi Maharjan (see photo below).

Rabi is an outstanding maths teacher, who we have hired to improve maths teaching in our school.

To pay his salary for one year, we need to raise £1860. Investing in good teachers is the single most effective way to improve a school.

If you would like to help us improve maths teaching for our students, please donate HERE.

Rabi Maharjan

How your money was spent:

In December, due to your generous donations, we raised £7061 in our crowdfunding campaign. We have spent the money in the following ways – the expenditure is slightly different to what we set out in the crowdfunding campaign due to changing priorities and a sudden increase in student numbers:

Warm sweaters: £1093

Lunch for primary children: £1045

New reading books: £108

Coaching classes: £340

New benches and desks: £1213

Chairs and tables for primary students: £519

English teacher’s salary: £1920

Water pump and tower for clean drinking water: £443

Painting classrooms: £313

TOTAL: £6994

New benches and desks.

Crowdfunding 1 Crowdfunding 2

New chairs and desks for primary children.

Crowdfunding (4)

New water tower to provide clean drinking water.

Crowdfunding 3 Crowdfunding 4

Free lunch for our primary level children

Free lunch

New warm sweaters

Crowdfunding (1)

Newly painted buildings

Crowdfunding (2)

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