Coronavirus: our work goes on

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the world, Nepal too is in lockdown.

Only a handful of cases have been found so far, but already the virus has had devastating impact on the poorest in Nepal, those who depend on tourism and the millions of Nepalis who work overseas.

Schools of course have also been shut down, but the CSN team has carried on working.

We are busy writing new lesson plans and curriculum material for schools – a huge but vital task. Our mantra has always been: good teaching = good schools. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to provide our teachers with good teaching materials.

We have also been keeping in touch with all our teachers and our most needy students. Many of our students’ parents are daily-wage labourers. That means if they don’t work, they don’t earn. So we are liaising with local officials to ensure these families get the support they need.

Five years ago, we launched CSN just days before the earthquake struck. Today we are facing another crisis, but we are determined to continue serving our students and living up to our slogan: We put student first.

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