Schools are closed, but learning continues

Schools across Nepal remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we are determined that our students will continue to learn.

We have created learning packs so that they can keep up with their studies.

Many people are exploring options for e-learning at this time, but our students do not have easy access to the Internet, let alone laptops. Instead our packs provide over 60 pages of exercises and activities. They are cheap, easy to produce and free for all.

Our students’ parents are delighted, and our teachers have said how proud they feel to be able to support our students in the middle of this crisis. They have even taken extra copies for their own children. 

One teacher said, “We are being able to do something when many well known private schools in the village are doing nothing.”

We are now in discussions with a number of organisations and municipalities across the country who are interested in using our learning packs with their students.

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