Expanding our impact… into the Himalaya!

One of CSN’s strategic objectives is, ‘to improve the quality of education in other (non-CSN) schools across Nepal.’

The main way we achieve this is by sharing the lesson plans we have written with other organisations and municipalities.

The government textbooks provide teachers with no guidance or materials to support their teaching, so we have written over 1000 lesson plans, along with materials for teachers and student workbooks. Providing teachers with this kind of guidance and support has been proven to have a strong impact on the quality of teaching and learning in places like Nepal.

Back in September, two of our team – Co-Director Sagendra Shrestha and School Leader Sujata Khatiwada – spent 15 days in the Himalaya providing training in the use of lesson plans to teachers in schools supported by Classrooms in the Clouds (CITC).

Sagendra writes:

We traveled from the height of 2860m (Lukla) to 1800m (Bung). It was heart-warming to see teachers and students using CSN lesson plans and workbooks in the schools of Solu Khumbu. Principals and teachers find CSN lesson plans and workbooks really valuable. 
The training was focused on the key techniques used in CSN lesson plans. These techniques maximise student participation, and help teachers check students’ understanding and manage behaviour.
Sujata was a role model for all CITC sponsored teachers, who are all female. They got really inspired by having a female leader standing among them, leading the training in front of school principals, while being friendly with students in the classroom. 
The most exciting part is to see teachers are already implementing learning from training in the classroom.
Thank you all for your support during our journey to Solukhumbu. 



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