Even simple things are complex in schools

Here’s what you have to do to organise catch-up classes for students who are struggling:

  • mark the exams
  • enter the data in a spreadsheet
  • analyse the data
  • identify the students who are struggling
  • visit the after school classes some of the students already attend and diplomatically inform the organisers that the classes are not working and you are going to run your own classes
  • inform the students’ parents of the new catch-up classes you plan to run
  • convince students (or their parents) who usually work after school that this is more important in the long run
  • find a teacher to run the the catch-up classes
  • write the content of the catch-up course (it can’t be the same as normal lesson, because these don’t seem to be working, hence the more active learning you can see in the photos)
  • train the teacher
  • find some money to pay the teacher for the extra work
  • write a baseline assessment
  • once the classes start, monitor them regularly
  • arrange some snacks and tea for the students

And this is just one tiny component of running a successful school.

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